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Alloy Wheels

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Space Saver Wheels

Research on the specifications of 8,755 mainstream new car models on the market currently, found that only 29.5% come with a space-saver or full-size spare wheel as standard. The majority 50% come with a tyre repair kit, while the remaining 20.5% have run-flat tyres fitted.

We now have a full range of over 1000 spare wheels for most cars. Click here to see the full range


We Repair Alloy Wheels

• Diamond Cut Alloy Repair
• Powdercoated Alloy Wheel Repair
• Minor and Major Damage
• Buckled Wheels
• Bent Wheels
• Dented Wheels
• Kerb Damage
• Cracked Alloys
• Chipped, Scraped, Scratched, Scuffed
• Pot Hole Damage